We are officially back on the West Coast for one of our favorite showcases at the impeccable HOUSE OF BLUES in San Diego.  This showcase is under the capable direction of Tui Lyon.  Tui is a roller-derby champion by day, and RAW Showcase Director by night.  This is Tui’s fourth San Diego showcase in the last year and half, she is in the ZONE, and things are looking like FIXATE is going to earn top marks (if we graded this sort of thing.)







I’ll leave this description up to Wicked himself:

“Wicked? Because I love the raw and gritty. The only thing that keeps me from running off into the hills to pursue monkhood is this love for the sexy, provocative, the mind-altering, dirty world we are entrenched in, especially among those who choose the absurd and equally beautiful pursuit of art.”


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Serrandon is a singer and songwriter originally from Dallas, Tx. He was exposed to many cultures and styles of music at a very young age, the eclectic singer is a melting pot of some of the greatest melodic sounds from today and yesterday. Serrandon has a cool, laid-back, 90’s retro vibe; one word that is commonly used when describing him is, "Throwback".


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Jon has been performing all over the US for the last 20 years.  Starting in New England and making his way West towards San Diego, Jon played solo and band sets at legendary venues up and down the West Coast like the Whiskey A Go-Go and The Roxy in Hollywood.  Get ready for a rowdy time courtesy of Jon Goodhue.


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JAIRO an independent recording artist started writing, recording and performing at a young age in both Los Angeles and Minneapolis. His love for music and respect for those who have come before him have shaped him as an artist.  This is the middle of JAIRO’s RAW Tour, catch him again in DTLA and Hollywood!


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It will be a truly packed house this evening, try and arrive early if you can!

-Nick Buffington