RAW gets political this evening as we make our way all the way across the country for a night of creativity and expression in the nation’s capital: Washington DC.  This showcase is helmed by the uber-capable Megan Collaso, and tonight is a little bitter-sweet because it will be the last showcase Megan directs for us, she is moving into a bigger role within RAW as our new Marketing Coordinator!  Be sure to throw a congratulations her way if you see her in there!



C-BarZ- Hip Hop/ Rap

C-BarZ is a Talented Lyricist who gets the crowd started and keeps them going.  With his diverse background, he brings you stories that you can relate to, over whatever beat that soothes your soul.

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Danielle Lyndsay- R&B/ Soul

Danielle Lyndsay is a multidisciplinary artist; singer, songwriter, choreographer, and dancer.  Her music is heavily R&B influenced with electronic effects and instrumentals.

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Wylder- Folk Pop

Wylder is a robust chamber folk band from Washington, DC. Embracing the best elements of indie pop and folk, their debut album, Rain and Laura, released in April of 2016 to enthusiastic reviews, proving them an emerging voice in the independent music scene.

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BlaqueStone- R&B

BlaqueStone is a music and outreach duo/couple in the Washington DC area; their music is mixed up hip hop and neo-soul. With their company, they also do outreach in the streets to associate with the outreach they do in their music. “We just want to be positive and spread real music.”

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Funsho- R&B/ Hip Hop

Fùnsho is the personification of the age-old cliché that states "Art imitates life, although there is nothing cliché about his music. The singer/songwriter has an incredible knack for synthesizing the passion, joys, anxieties, and emotions of his life, and relationships into relatable and honest R&B tunes.

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Make sure you take in the sights!  We’re not in Washington DC every night folks!


-Nick Buffington