Alright everybody time to come out of the woodwork because we are LIVE in our hometown this evening.  No excuses. Hit me up if you need a spot on the guest list, I gotchoo!  This event is under the mega-capable direction of our Real Talk host, Rasaq Adeyemi!  Rasaq is fresh and ready to go after some record-breaking events in Dallas and Orlando, and he is excited to introduce you to some established RAWdio favorites and new-comers alike.




JAIRO is an independent recording artist who started writing, recording and performing at a young age in both Los Angeles and Minneapolis. His love for music and respect for those who have come before him have shaped him as an artist.  This is the final stop on JAIRO's RAW Tour!

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Skyterra is an uptempo piano based psychedelic dream rock band with both male and female singers that write songs about life and love.  They credit music, life, love and everything in between as their inspiration.  They are also fresh off of winning San Diego's "Best New Artist of 2017"!

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The Brandon Brown Collective

Making the crowd dance is their main inspiration, and to groove as hard as they possibly can.  The Brandon Brown Collective is a 12-Piece FUNK BAND from Memphis, Virginia, and Los Angeles. I'll let Brandon describe what seeing them is like, "When you come to our shows you have stepped into our "time machine"

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Be sure to pop in to The Gallery on the bottom floor of Exchange LA this evening to hear some tunes and check out some artwork all curated by our friends at The 900 Block.  Show up early and stay late at this one folks!

-Nick Buffington