We are back in Nashville y'all.  I don't even say "Y'ALL." This is a special occasion! We have Tiffany Jackson flying in to town some time this evening and she is gonna make sure things become a quintessentially Nashville-amount of out-of-hand. This is her first rodeo when it comes to Nashville showcases, and I know that she has impressing the sh*t out of everyone on her agenda; let's see who's on the line-up for this evening. 




Mary Jennings


Standing just a shade over five feet tall, Jennings delivers a robust and heartfelt sound that is anything but small-scale. Her music reflects an enormous strength and drive that is uniquely hers, combining a deep range of rock and pop influences with an unabashed sense of vintage style that few, if any, could ever pull off.

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Vienna Dohler

20 year old singer-songwriter. "I play the piano, and have been writing since I was able to write. I love to tell stories with my music, making it relatable to everyone I can."  Vienna is inspired by Radiohead, Imogen Heap, Regina Spektor, Sia, and Coldplay as they were some of her favorite artists growing up and her writing style comes a lot from them. 


Everybody stick around for these two illustrious ladies of song,  The weather is going to be hot and humid; perfect for dancing! 


-Nick Buffington