I DO know what it means to miss New Orleans.  I sang in a Jazz group in college, and one of the first places we went on tour was New Orleans.  It was a three day trip full of everything you would typically imagine happening in the Big Easy; beads, beers, debauchery, and BROS so many bros.... But the music has always been what truly stuck with me. Not the college students singing Jazz in a hotel conference room; but the kids outside in the street with tap shoes made out of soda pop cans, and the brass combo playing just a little too close to the door of that bar where they served the deep fried alligator bites, and we really wanted to walk in but couldn't because we didn't want to interrupt...  Let's see who's on the line-up to charm this NOLA crowd like I was charmed so many evenings ago: 





Cypha is a new orleans based hip hop artist with a unique outlook & approach on music . And not just hip-hop, his craft is similar to a collage of R&B, Jazz, and early 90's Soul music. He’s been a big fan of music ever since he heard Tupac at the age of 5.




Very rarely does music touch your soul at first listen, but MeloMania’s tender music cannot be denied. MeloMania by its literal definition means “to be obsessed with music”, and this duo embodies exactly that.  Jordan Michael's vocals are impressive, the combo's music is remnicent of old Maktub and Pearl Jam recordings. 

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Eat some beignets for me guys! Cafe du Monde if you are reading this I will give you my personal address please send me food! And for everyone else, powdered sugar will not stick to the paintings if you wipe it off fast enough.


-Nick Buffington