And here we are back in the Big Apple for another evening of light, color, and expression at Brooklyn Night Bazaar.  This evening is brought to you by RAW and newbie showcase director Tash Ostapovicz.  This is Tash’s first NYC show, but she’s an east-coaster and probably is more at home in NYC than Los Angeles anyways, so everybody get out there and say Hi to Tash, let’s enjoy this together!




Lead singer Jocelyn Wong takes J O to new heights with diverse vocal chops.  The band holds down the background while leaving just enough room for Cheryl to shine out front.  Their music ranges from calm and soothing, to electronic and dance driven.

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Madison Rose

Madison Rose is an artist ready to make an unforgettable debut. Her home base has most recently been in Los Angeles studio with a pen, paper, and microphone; honing in on her true sound and storytelling. Vocally rooted in R&B, MADISON ROSE effortlessly weaves electronic/pop influences and bold bass lines into her music.

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Vulgarity -  Hip hop/ Rap Duo

Spawning from the Bronx, MC's Chrysis and REP Youth have been rapping since they were in Middle School. Now as they develop and are exposed to more different forms of art, they are no longer just your average MC's.  Their street-influenced sound is something that is recognizable while still remaining fresh.  

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Everybody make sure you stick around for that Madison Rose performance; I caught her last show here in Los Angeles and she made me a believer in everything she is all about within a matter of moments.  Full on pop-star mode.  Have fun and eat some pizza after the show!


-Nick Buffington