Hey Texas I hope you’re all staying dry down there!  (Too soon? Dry? Sorry.) This Wednesday brings us back to the Lone Star state to a showcase under the super-capable direction of Kim Barbossa.  This is Kim’s second time back in Texas for a show this year, and she’s ready to smash it REGARDLESS of the weather and impending hurricanes!



Jed Craddock- Singer- Songwriter

Blending electronic and grassroots elements, the music of Jed Craddock is its own a kind of “intelligent pop.” The mix of Jed’s eclectic approach as an artist and idiosyncratic-voice creates songs that feel retro, yet still modern.

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Space Wlvs- Indie Rock

As a group, the members of Space Wlvs have been playing since late 2014. They are driven by their musical influences and their want to be the best they possibly can be; by making good music and putting on an energetic performance.

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Half Deaf- Rap/Hip Hop

“I've always wanted to have my own style and show my appreciation for where I came from; represent the people I know and trust, and do my best to make a difference. Every day is another chapter in the story.” -HalfDeaf

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There you have it folks, a little bit of everything tonight.  Some singer-songwriters, some full bands, some hip hop.  Should turn out to be a pretty fun evening!  Treat yourself to some art!

-Nick Buffington