It’s going to be a great night Milwaukee! You are in good hands, seeing as Tui Lyon is our Lead Showcase Director here at RAW - this show is sure to be one for the books. With a variety of musical guests and talented artists all around, The Rave Hall surely is the place to be tonight. Let’s take a look at the performers who will be gracing you with their presence this evening:







A man of many talents, Priest is a rapper, lyricist, writer, and performer. His determination to bring a focus back to hip hop and its lyricism has bred a new genre altogether, called “message” music. His music tells a story, with every song delivering a meaning to his listeners. Inspired by current artists such as LL. Cool J and T.I., as well as classic legends like Michael Jackson and Prince. Priest’s craft is something you won’t want to miss out on tonight.


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Andii’s unique sound is influenced by both genres of jazz and folk. The 24-year old has been performing for the past 7 years. Her music portrays the themes of authenticity and vulnerability, inspired by soulful vibes of Carol King and the legendary Amy Winehouse.


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As you can see from our incredible lineup tonight: Milwaukee is, no doubt, gonna be a BANGER. Bring your friends, and we’ll bring ours - see you there!


-Sarah Schwartz