By Shirley Yu & Jenny Rodriguez                               

From her humble beginnings mixing music for fun to playing jam-packed RAW showcases, Alissa Marie Saccomanno, or DJ SACCS, is a DJ from Chicago and a RAW artist since 2014.  

Alissa shared her story in a RAWdio interview where she explained how she became a DJ, her classical piano background, and the exhilarating feeling of playing live shows.  

Each show is different to Alissa because each audience engages differently. “I definitely choose the music accordingly to how I feel the vibe is when I enter the room before the show begins,” says Alissa.  She even gives great tips for aspiring DJs: “stay focused, relax, be yourself, and be prepared with a whole genre of tunes.”

Alissa also gives back to her community with her passion. She’s played for the Awakening Center, a Chicago based eating disorder treatment and nutrition counseling center, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and more. She loves to keep those shows positive and have a good time playing fun tunes that everyone can enjoy!

Alissa loves RAW because “RAW is about being authentic to your true artistry and your gift and sharing that with other people.” She is getting ready to drop a mix called “The RAW Experience” which is a compilation of all of her favorite songs she’s played at RAW showcases.  

Check out the full interview by Jesse Daniels on RAWdio: