By: Jenny Rodriguez and Tristen Tarp

Every year, thousands of comic book fans take the pilgrimage to San Diego for the annual Comic Con convention. Enthusiastic attendees dress up as their favorite fictional characters, while onlookers in more practical attire admire the creativity of the fandom.

Though cosplaying has been a trend at conventions, honoring beloved characters from books, movies and games, it's now become an unorthodox expression of street fashion as well. Many enthusiasts have taken what would be considered a special occasion and made it part of their daily life. Fashion designers have even revolved their careers around the artistry of cosplay!

House of Ryura Designs


One example of this artistry is Damien Howard, who showcased his signature red and black attire through House of Ryura Designs at RAW:San Diego presents SAVOR. Damien is currently collaborating with a beauty artist, Kyla Rose Style, creating the rich concepts that he'll spotlight at the upcoming RAW:San Diego presents CONNECT. Here's a taste of what to expect!



Haute Cosplay


Isabella Scott, award-winning costume designer, is behind our next featured cosplay line. She describes Haute Cosplay as “a celebration of when high fashion meets geek culture.” She constructs incredible costumes that span various genres of anime, comics, movies, and video games. Her designs truly transform people into living characters!



Sultry Vamps


Sultry Vamps is a fashion line created by Saleemah Vainglorius that specializes in fantasy-based clothing, inspired by feminine energy and pastel coloring. Her designs are 50% Lolita lifestyle and 50% Princess elegance – the final result is 100% charming!



Mines of Moria Cosplays


Mines of Moria Cosplays focuses on stunningly accurate recreations of recognizable characters. It’s an all-encompassing art form that utilizes sewing for costumes, crafting for props and photography for capturing characters in their given world. 




Overall, cosplay gives fashion designers and creatives a chance to explore their abstract side, while creating an entirely new piece and/or helping replicate one of their idols! This form of performance art combines costuming and play, and has become an exciting way for fans to express what they love most. We’re eager to see more of it!


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