By Jenny Rodriguez
Film: the art of moving images. We consume it through television, our computers and the phones we carry with us, binge watching on a regular basis. We even catch it in passing: playing on massive screens that hang over busy intersections. We just can’t have enough of this medium!
Behind the creation of these films lies a creative group of people. While many consumers know huge names in the industry, some incredibly talented filmmakers go unrecognized.  
We've gathered a list of three unfamiliar filmmakers whom we recommend you check out below.

Desire Lacapture


Stirred by life experiences, Desire Lacapture transforms her unique worldview into art through filmmaking and photography. Her films will draw you in to see the world through her magical lens. Fun bonus fact: Lacapture is a spin on her last name, "Lacap", expressing her yearning to capture clips on camera.


Monica Remes


Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and a minor in Cinema Studies, Monica Remes combines her knowledge of both subjects in filmmaking. The word “screendance” is often used in relation to her experimental works of art. Monica’s videos are oddly satisfying and contain bursts of color and movement that are sure to capture anyone’s attention. 


Scott Alan Cronan


A gifted visual storyteller with an understanding of what mood needs to be conveyed and how to best execute, Scott Alan Cronan is brilliant when it comes to his craft. His talent has been commissioned by the LA Times, Sony Pictures, Disney, and Apple to name a few. He strives to deliver relevance and excellence to audiences across the globe.



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