By: Binx Buys

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of you freaky folks! It is not too late for last minute inspiration. If that is what you're looking for, then you came to the right place. Here we have gathered a group of incredibly talented makeup artists to fuel the ghoul in you! 

Stella Sensel


The ability to transform a person into something or someone else is an accomplishment. Stella Sensel uses her skills as a makeup artist to reconstruct faces into characters or to age someone years in just a few hours. For example, Stella transformed a person into an aquatic character complete with gills and animated blue eyes that contrast with the muted green skin. So if you are feeling "blue" perhaps becoming something under the ocean might cause a wave in the crowd? 


Nicole Chilelli


Nicole Chilelli has always loved creating props to scare kids on Halloween as well as decorating her house to be the most frightening in the neighborhood. After taking a few classes on makeup and finding her true passion, Nicole entered a SyFY’s Special FX TV show called “Face Off”, a competition series testing crafty makeup skills, and won their third season! She is also RAW's Artist of the Year Sacramento 2012! We love the vibrant colors she uses in contrast with the chilling black and white skull imagery; an awesome ode to Day of the Dead!


Megan Taft


Why be a princess waiting for a knight in shining armor when you can be a queen? Megan Taft uses bright, bold colors and she does not shy away from shimmer and jewels. The aesthetic placement of gold jewelry compliments the jewels on her face and the hint of gold on her lips. This look is perfect for anyone’s Halloween transformation into a goddess. Or perhaps for those of you who are more laid back, some toilet paper and a crown and voila, you're just Royally Flushed!  


Shae James


Taking inspiration from the culture of Halloween, makeup artist and model Shae James uses her background in stage makeup to transform faces. Shae prefers to utilize her own body and face as a canvas for her artistic ideas. In this picture, she has transformed herself with a dramatic pose with an emphasis on the large eyes. Black lips and black eyes naturally create an effortlessly dramatic look!


Amanda Bravender


Amanda Bravender proudly holds the honor of RAW New Orleans Makeup Artist of the Year 2012. Her use of makeup transformed these two models into characters straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Grab an old hat and some spray paint and you're good to go! Who wouldn't want to spend the day with The Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts? 



Remember to be bold and brave and to not be afraid of color or over the top creations! And remember, who you are is who you were meant to be.