Visual Art – New York - Brooklyn, NY

My name is William,but i like to called B.I..Art has been in my life since i was a child!. As a kid i use to watch my mom paint. I was born and raised in Fort Greene Brooklyn,at the age of 13 i move to Massachusetts for 4 years to complete high school. While living in Mass i was introduced to carpentry and wood burning,as i started to build stuff my shop teacher ask me if i knew what a wood burner was.I had no clue,but once i did,it was a rap.So i started making small plaques and jewelry boxes for my friends,wood burning designs or names into them.It\'s been about 17 year that i have been using this wood burning technique as an art form.My goal as an artist and entrepreneur is to teach kids how to use there creative side,spread peace and educate the youth on the importance of community,team work and leadership skills.So me and two friends started a company called Guide educate trust New york city entrepreneurs(Get Nyce). ...more