Briena Brinay
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Performing Art – Washington, DC

Briena Brinay is a Detroit born artist who has resided in Maryland for the past decade. From 2011-2016, Briena attended Sandy Spring Friends School, where she first tapped into all her creative talents. She graduated in 2016 with three clubs on her track record, having been the leader for all of them; Spotlight Dance Club, Slam Poetry and S.A.S.S. (Spirit at Sandy Spring). She then moved on to Bowie State University, where she majored in business management with a dance minor. She was one of the leaders for the Fall 2016 team, Blackout and the founder of the Spring 2017 team, Authentix Dance Crew. She left Bowie after that semester to reconsider her options, during that break she changed her major to Arts/Entertainment Management with a dance minor. She is currently enrolled at UMUC, which is temporary before transferring to a university more fitting for her aspirations and goals. Aside from dance and choreography, she also has experience as a poet, writer, visual artist, video production editor, producer, cinematographer, photographer and graphic designer. She has a designing business entitled Blissful Designs. She recently combined all of these aspects into a short film visual in which she named Living in Color (avaiable on her youtube channel: Briena Brinay). It is what she calls an Artumentary (Art documentary) dedicated to Women of Color living in the United States. SHe currently resides in Maryland, where she continues to create new content including video projects, performances, YouTube videos, and more! Visit !! ...more