Carolina Arévalo

Visual Art – New York - Brooklyn, NY

Carolina Arévalo is a Peruvian artist and a human based in Brooklyn, NY. Her BFA with major in printmaking came before her further education studies in photography, biological art and typography. Carolina explores the various meeting points among the development of human intellect and its direct repercussion in the universe. The astounding way in which every single living organism forms a whole universe in scale is the irrevocable force that entails her body of work. Her particular interest for rituals and ancestral wisdoms was awaken by her family´s heritage from Peruvian´s Jungles, she explores the ritualistic impacts in connecting the human experience with the universe’s path. In her approach to express the quintessential, Arévalo starts drawing by mere instinct and with no final outline predicted. This is combined with her experience in scientific drawing and observation, cosmographic theories and traces of printmaking, which results in creating unique realities. Her latest work includes solo shows in New York and Lima, her work has also been shown in Istanbul, Rumania and Brazil. ...more