C∆IRNS Profile Picture
Music – Minneapolis, MN

Hill Cairns released their first studio album "Metanoia" in 2014 under the pseudonym UNDERHILL. At the age of seventeen, Hill wrote, produced, and promoted the LP in collaboration with a network of other young artists. Track one of the album “The Disconnect” won Hill the American Young Composers Award in 2015. The raw and ethereal record was celebrated as a step forward for the Minneapolis electronic scene, although this was just the beginning for Hill Cairns. After a three year hiatus from recording and performing, Hill has returned to the stage by the name CΔIRNS. Their time away from the scene was spent nurturing the spark that would grow into a new artistic identity and a new full length album (expected Spring 2019). The new project is mature and well-rounded, incorporating aspects of R&B, indie electronic, POP, and jazz. CΔIRNS preserves the cerebral quality of their earlier work, now infused with a more sensual and intimate disposition. Though details regarding the release remain vague, Minneapolis will being keeping its ears to the ground as CΔIRNS continues to make moves in the world of contemporary music. ...more