Carlos Solis

Film – Ventura, CA

I\'m a graduate of USC Film School. I\'ve directed several short films and am working on my next independent short and writing a feature-length screenplay. The film I\'ve submitted revels in my love for raunchy humor and satire. The world is an absurd place, so it\'s only fitting to treat it with the disregard it deserves...but with a sense of humor. PS, the name of the movie is tough for people to remember for some reason so me and my friends have taken to calling my movie, \"Satanic Horrors Inciting Terror,\" by the more memorable title \"The S.H.I.T. Movie.\" Yes, it\'s THAT kind of movie. You have warned. Don\'t sue me if you need to change your pants after viewing it. Please bring clean underwear when my movied is screened because...I like to collect them;) ...more