Christina Johnson

Visual Art – San Diego, CA

Christina Johnson is a self-taught artist, born in New Hampshire in 1989. She was raised in an area influenced by nature and its beauty. Christina began accumulating a skill set with a variety of mediums early on; later favoring charcoal and oil paint for its raw and romantic, bold and earthy qualities. Nature, spirituality, and nostalgia are a strong influence in her work and life. Inspired by people, places and things that make her feel alive, she fills her pieces with energy, creating with passion having her experiences inspire her. She believes in being able to explore and translate the beauty in everything into open-minded pieces of artwork. Hoping to allow others to live vicariously through them and see life through different perspectives. She feels that by never losing your sense of wonder and self expression is a powerful way to impact the future in how we aspire it to be. Christina's paintings, drawings and photographs are captured through her love of travel. Her work has been displayed in shows, galleries and private homes across the country. ...more