Chyna Mae
Chyna Mae Profile Picture
Visual Art – Baltimore, MD

Chyna Mae knew her whole life she wanted to be an artist and in kindergarten started competing in art shows. In middle school, she started teaching herself about art from books and videos at the local library. At the age of 10, she started her first business selling custom paintings. At 16 she got her first gig as a graphic designer at Damon Foreman’s Music Academy. While working at Damon Foreman’s Music Academy she was able to create her first advertisements, promotions, logos, full album covers, and CDs. She also had the opportunity to compete in numerous art shows throughout her entire educational career earning her a culmination of awards for a myriad of accomplishments and attended pre-college at MICA. While in school Chyna juggled 2-3 jobs at a time to make ends meet. She refused to give up on her career during her financial hardship and persevered. In 2009 she became an event coordinator at the Hollywood Ballroom for the next 5 years where she discovered her love of helping other people chase their dreams. She later decided to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to obtain her Graphic Design Degree & to pursue her own businesses. In 2015 she started her own art & marketing business called Your Destiny’s Dream, which started as a non-profit service in college and continues to help numerous businesses to this day. Unfortunately, in 2015 Chyna was involved in a severe car accident and was diagnosed with narcolepsy from head trauma she had suffered. Her strong willpower led her to continue pursuing her goals with her art business after her recovery and she officially created Your Destiny’s Dream LLC in 2016. Chyna has written over 100 professional EPK’s and created custom graphics for local musicians and businesses such as Wisdom Court Entertainment, Depth Perception, Mayuree Thai Tavern, Ikaros, Safe Haven, RWF, local radio stations and more. Chyna also helps runs her father’s business Eric’s Electric Service Pros and is the proud Co-owner of Artists Compound LLC with main brain Chastity Sollmer. She hopes to continue furthering her education and encourage others to never give up by continuing to pursue their dreams. ...more