CITY&SWIM; Profile Picture
Fashion – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

CITY & SWIM a product of Los Angeles founded in 2017 by Designer Monique Herrera. Born in the 80’s with a long background in design, the inspiration for this line was nothing more than from the place I call home, Los Angeles, California. My line is showcasing a part of what I have never been able to express until now. ​ In LA, everyone wants to be unique, funky, different, and one of a kind, but the thing that they lose focus on while achieving these dominant points is to incorporate fun into it. Be bold, make a statement, be that cool chick that is not afraid to take risks, and just wants to have a good time. ​ I have found a way to collectively bring together all the things that I love, have molded me, to whom I have become, and things that make me I am. My ultimate goal was to keep in mind those who are certified hustlers- the girl on the go. Those that work all day but their creative souls cannot keep them away from playing. This line has been thoughtfully created in hand-picked materials with graphics that are versatile and easily converted from day to night. The vibrant colors that were used for this line compliment each design expressing parts of me that highlight my silliness and determination to live freely. ​ I truly believe you will love every piece, and I can't wait to see CITY&SWIM; all of the world. Thankyou, Monique ...more