Clarisse Pastor-Medina

Visual Art – San Francisco, CA

LOVE and LIGHT (with just the right amount of crazy). As fleeting as my fleeting attention, catch me if you can, or throw a flare, bright lights attract me! Not art schooled, proudly heart schooled! I paint using coffee, red wine and other natural stains on sane days (check out my current life project called BIAK: Explorations of Filipino Heritage, Identity and Diaspora). I also paint with acrylics and other mixed media for my "Artistic Upwellings" (aka ARTWELLINGS -- an amalgamation of Symbolism, Expression and Intuition // Magical Realism and Whimsical Angst allowed by a little Apophenia). I also make art with wire, vintage scraps and found objects. MY ART IS A WAY FOR MY HEART TO SPEAK, MY LITTLE WAY OF TELLING MY OWN TRUTHS. SO PLEASE DON\'T JUST LOOK. LISTEN. The things I enjoy off the easel are: honoring my flow in hoop dancing, relaxing with archery (my other yoga), getting high from running and chasing beautiful skies. I find satisfaction in blogging my heart out every now and then. I can read and write in Baybayin which is the ancient Filipino script and I secretly think I might have been a dog whisperer in my past life. And maybe a unicorn. ...more