Couture for Every Body by Laura Byrnes

Fashion – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

Couture for Every Body was founded by Laura Byrnes, Creative Designer & CEO of Pinup Girl Clothing. A photographer for over 30 years, Laura worked with musicians and artists before moving into dress making. What began as a means to make clothing for herself and her daughter turned into a movement. Laura created a real-world version of what she had seen on vintage pinup ephemera, essentially creating a style, Pinup, specializing in vintage-inspired clothing. Those are the roots. But the story continues as does the growth. With Couture for Every Body, Laura takes her own mission of body positivity and inclusivity, hallmarks of Pinup Clothing, and applies it very broadly. It is the embodiment of everything that she’s believed in and stood for as a designer and as a woman. was the first company to do more than pay lip service to the idea that beauty is not a size, shape, color or age, featuring models from size Extra Small to 4X to showcase their designs. That spirit will continue on with Couture for Every Body, where we know and celebrate beauty in all its many shapes, sizes, colors and ages. ...more