Daniel Walker

Visual Art – Chicago, IL

Daniel Walker | Emerging artist, illustrator, and designer based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Advocate for community, meaningful human connections, and social change. Lover of history, hip-hop, sports, and bourbon. ​ Creating works of art has always been Daniel's biggest obsession. Throughout life in academia, he broadened his art ability with a heavy emphasis on the human form. This passion propelled him to Chicago where he received intensive training and mentorship with industry professionals at one of the most respected art schools in the Midwest. Concept artwork for motion pictures was his original area of focus, but quickly became fascinated with other career paths like illustration, graphic design, portraiture, and sculpture. Being exposed to multiple art forms has given him a more comprehensive range of skills, allowing him to mix a myriad of media into his work. Outside of his 9 to 5, Daniel produces freelance and commission art work for various clients from all walks of life. ...more

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Showcasing in Chicago, IL
IMPACT at Metro Chicago – Apr 17, 2019 @7:00PM