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Dutchess Selah

Photography – Washington, DC

Art enthusiast, an understatement when referring to Maryland artist Dutchess Selah. Growing up she developed a strong appreciation and love for the arts in its entirety. R&B music, rap music, opera, classical music, poetry, and dance: if it’s art Dutchess Selah has a connection to it. This metropolitan woman is an amazing visionary, which is why her photography is her medium of choice. D. Selah has been published in FlyWire Magazine, Faith and Fashion Magazine, she has had 2 of her photos selected and featured in the Prince Georges Arts and Humanities Council exhibit, and of course, she has showcased with RAW Artist DC. D. Selah continues to make her mark in the art world. As a child, D.Selah attended a child development center, owned and operated by Anita Booth. Booth always encouraged imagination and creativity. That same encouragement was promoted and enhanced at home. "My mother always purchased markers, clay, paint, and art kits for me. I was the only child for my mother, those supplies kept me busy; unbeknownst to us they also fed my purpose and destiny". D. Selah also recalls her father putting a camera in her hand the age of 7. Not just any camera, a film Minolta Maxxum 430si. The bond between her and the SLR lens was unbreakable. During her senior year of high school, she was able to take her 1st art class, taught by one of her biggest influences Mrs. Nafeesah Symonette. In class she flourished, her skills were both challenged and sharpened. Shortly after her high school graduation, D. Selah suffered the loss of her high school sweetheart. But in the fall of 2005, her spirit and talents were revived with the birth of her son. She picked up the camera and began capturing the most incredible photographs, turning the DC streets into art from her perspective and constructing visual concepts that depicted real life experiences. "Street shooting is like an enormous mental playground for me. I can pick out certain features in buildings that I believe show character. And that character sparks conversation, wonder, and a story". Street shooting played a major role in her discovery of documentary photography, photojournalism, realism and creative directing. She has taken some of the most captivating photos during the Trayvon Martin Rally held in DC, the day after the verdict was disclosed to the public. D. Selah has even custom painted stereo speakers and equipment for use in a photo shoot for a D.C. music artist. "For me, music and photography go hand and hand. Music completely influences my ambition and thought process. I couldn't live without music, its art......Art is My heartbeat". Currently, D. Selah is focusing on two upcoming exhibits, one with RAW Artist D.C., and her own solo exhibit set to take place in the summer of 2018, in Washington D.C. . "My paintings will definitely be a highlight at the exhibit because it shows how my brain processes/sees music. I literally see the music and then paint it. I psychologically see the bass, tempo, the lyrics.....it all becomes visual. She is also working on an educational and therapeutic project that will take her talents, in addition to 4 other artist to Africa. "My goal is to win a Pulitzer Prize, and I want my work exhibited in prestigious establishments like The Smithsonian, he Brooklyn Museum, Art Basel, and international entities". With her ambition and consistent drive....there's no doubt all of her aspirations will be achieved. ...more

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Showcasing in New Orleans, LA

IMPACT at REPUBLIC NOLA – Jun 19, 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: Jun 19, 2019 @7:00PM