Deanna Ansara

Fashion – New York - NYC, NY

I moved to NYC from Detroit, MI over two years ago. I have a Bachelors & 1 yr. AAS Degree in Fashion Design. I\'ve worked with companies such J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Pipit, Tory Burch, & Design Factory NYC. Learning to sew at a young age, while involving myself with anything creative; there was always a passion for art, design and everything in between. I began experimenting more with techniques and silhouettes, through which I learned more about myself as a designer. While attending WMU, I became involved with an organization called, M.O.D.A. Through this organization, I was able to express my creativity while having the opportunity to collaborate with various philanthropic causes such as; Susan G. Komen, Humane Society, and Red Cross. Giving back to the community is something I will continue to incorporate into my work. I’m easily amused & have the ability to find beauty in everything. Designing womenswear was my first true love for which I am so passionate about. My work is very much a part of me, which is why I feel strongly about forecasting my own trends & following my intuition for which direction I take each collection. ...more