The diskordanse Company

Performing Art – Vancouver, BC

BC\'s edgiest dance organization, The diskordanse Company breathes new life into dance as a boundary-breaking performance art. Evoking audiences\' emotions by stunning them at every turn, The diskordanse Company works with unexpected live situations, digitally projected imagery, extensive costuming and makeup, and theatrics at every turn. In 2013 The Vancouver SUN deemed the company\'s work DISLOKATION \"Worthy of a Nine Inch Nails video!\". In 2014 photographer Gord Goble exclaimed \"I have never seen anything like this here before!\". Diskordanse choreographer Nela H has the privilege of collaborating with stunning music composers: Seasons 1-3 guest composer Oleksa Lozowchuk is a four-time Grammy nominee; Season 4 composer Dasha Duquette, an accomplished pianist and studio and stage musician is creating the entire soundtrack for THE COLLECTION, and is collaborating with musicians Yves Frulla (Celine Dion\'s keyboardist), Jim McLaren of INCURA fame, Richard Smith and Shaina Ireland of Masonette. THE COLLECTION soundtrack is now available on iTunes under composer Dasha Duquette's name. In production for Season 5, Diskordanse promises to trespass yet into new dance art boundaries. ...more