Colleen Parker

Fashion – New York - NYC, NY

The Divanism Movement  Divanism is a movement to uplift and empower all women regardless of one\'s ethnicity, age, size, or profession. Our focus is to aid in helping young girls and women build healthier self images, stand up to peer pressure, say no to risky behavior and abusive relationships. We are pleased that our efforts have already rendered positive results. We have seen a decrease with bullying on the playground as well as in the workplace among young girls and women. All women are Divas and all women need to be recognized as a Diva. Divanism does just that! Divanism aids in bringing out every woman\'s unique inner Diva! Whether you are a Shy Diva, a Stay at Home Mom Diva, a Gorgeous Diva, a Breast Cancer Survivor Diva, or a Grand Diva you deserve recognition and appreciation! ​ ...more