DJ Helicon

Music – Indianapolis, IN

Helicon began his life in the DJ booth in 2001 after realizing that DJing could extend his music experience into a new dimension. The appeal of playing a wide variety of music in front of crowds was a natural evolution of his background, which included vocal & theatre studies in high school/college, as well as exposure to an incredibly diverse landscape of musical influences including hip hop, jazz, classical, pop, rock, electronic, and the Brazilian music of Capoeira. Over the course of his career that has now spanned over a decade, Helicon has developed a reputation as a ‘cultural entrepreneur’ in Indianapolis through the co-founding and direction of ORANJE, an annual art & music party that brings together creators of all types ( In addition to a four-year stint as the tour DJ for Indianapolis-based hip hop group Mudkids, Helicon has also DJd for and/or performed onstage with C Rayz Walz, Twin Cats, Mardelay, Cynthia Layne, Rob Dixon, Monty Jey, en2 and many more. Helicon has performed in cities all over the country including Indianapolis, Chicago, New Orleans, Denver, Jackson, WY, Boise, ID, Seattle, Portland, Park City, UT, Detroit, Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and Madison, WI among many others. Helicon is most comfortable playing on Technics turntables and a Rane mixer with Serato® software but started his career mixing and scratching vinyl. Known for an ‘open format’ approach, Helicon likes to keep his sets eclectic but always approaches gigs with a simple goal: ensure the crowd has a good time. ...more