Visual Art – Detroit, MI

My name is Rachel Douglas I was born & raised in Detroit, MI. I’ve been drawing since as early as the age of 5 noticed by my mom who had a great love for the arts and music she motivated me as well as my teachers to pursue my passion for art. I knew very early on that God gifted my hands in a very special way. I won a few contests during my early childhood and was recommended as a child to attend adult level art classes at The Center for Creative Studies. I attended Interlochen Arts Academy for gifted students which further fueled my passion. My love for art expanded as I was accepted into Parsons School of Design but opted instead to stay close to my family and attend The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I graduated from Michigan State with a BFA degree. I am currently freelancing establishing a personal platform of a variety of styles within the arts. My love for music Hip-Hop in particular with a strong interest in linking Cancer Awareness inspires my canvas often. My style is more realistic but I offer a creative abstract flow. Experimenting feeds my love for art so I flow and I grow creating various styles of portraits and paying respect to legends in various industries. I continue to explore my first love...Art & Music. ...more