Visual Art – Philadelphia, PA

DeJeonge started out as a ceramic artist during her undergrad studies at Lincoln University of Pa. There she obtained her BFA in Visual Arts in the fall of 2013. DeJeonge decided to continue her art education in 2015 when when was accepted into the MFA studio art program at Moore College of Art and Design. There she began to expand her studio and research practice and began to work with various mediums. Her work focuses mainly on the spiritual esscence of an object, as well as ideals of beauty by the use of sculpture, perfomance, imagry, and video. DeJeonge's overall goal with her work is to generate conversations about how we think about certain objects and ideas in relation to ourselves. ​ ​ Current Work With the current Natural Hair movement taking over the media, my Hair Project aims to generate conversations about textured hair. With my fascination of mixed media, DeJeonge uses performance, film, and sculpture, and installation to portray my concepts and ideas of the various types of textured hair and the continued use of damaging chemicals to alter textured hair. Though in the past altering one’s hair did not seem to be as threatening, over time we have become more aware of the long term effects of chemical relaxers and texturizers, and still continue to use them. Her goal is to not only continue conversations about the alteration of textured hair but to get people to really think about the products they use not only on themselves but on their children even while knowing the products can be extremely damaging. ...more