Duskraven Costumerie

Fashion – Perth, WA

Art has always been part of my life, in various aspects. Through high school I was part of the GATE (Gifted & Talented) program in Visual Arts but I chose to pursue a career in science. In 1996 I joined The Grey Company, a Dark-ages re-enactment sword-fighting group in Perth, WA. It was here that I met my husband and my love of costuming (and metal-weapons sword-fighting) began. In The Grey Co I was able to explore historical costuming, learning how to research and reproduce period pieces. It was reproducing an 1880\'s outfit in 2007 that introduced me to the Victorian Era and sparked my fascination for the period. Now Steampunk and Cosplay costumes have captured my imagination, along with live-action roleplay (Larp) where Victorian Steampunk costumes play a large role. Larp brings a new aspect to costume design; outfits need to be able to handle days of wear \'n tear and theatrical combat. Not only do costumes and items have to look great, they have to be comfortable and importantly, functional. I now enjoy designing and creating unique outfits, mainly from the Steampunk Genre inspired by the Victorian era, or from fantasy. With my husband Jason, we also create accessories including jewellery, hats/fascinators, Steampunk goggles, Nerf blasters, holsters and leatherwork for a complete look for any outfit. The Nerf blasters, painted in the Steampunk style, are fully functional and modified for increased power, range and aesthetics. ...more