Laurel Ann Feller

Performing Art – Omaha, NE

Hello, my name is Laurel Ann Feller. I am a twenty-two year old performer living in Omaha, Nebraska where I specialize in dance, hoop, choreography, and fire performance. I am steadily making my way to conquering my aspirations for aerial performance as well. The first time that I picked up a hoop was a magical experience. I loved the way hooping represented infinite motion and beauty. The music was my guide, and the hoop was my weapon giving me the courage to battle any emotion that arose inside of me. After two years of practicing, I began preforming on stage. I never considered making preforming a life goal with the amount of discouragement that I received, but nothing else in this world fulfills my true meaning and desires than doing so. I was meant to perform. I am to be a warrior of expression, and a voice in the darkness for those who cannot speak. This is my purpose and gift to society. As I continue to chase my dreams, I plan to create a path for others to follow. My mission is to guide those who question themselves and their own abilities to never give up. I wish to show others with passion, love, focus, and determination that anything you put your mind to is accomplishable. Life is beautiful. Watch, I will show you. ...more