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Photography – Salt Lake City, UT

I’m Madi Mey, Salt Lake City photography & acrylic mixed media artist!! I love to create multilayered acrylic paintings with my photography. I’m a very passionate person in every aspect of my life, whether it be friendships/relationships, sports, or jobs. Although I’ve only been shooting for about a year and a half, it has brought an unexplainable happiness to me. I want to turn my passion into a career - creating cover art/album covers, shooting concerts for music artists I admire, creating artwork for clothing brands or magazines, selling my own projects - whatever the universe brings me, I’m down for it! I’m open to any opportunity where I can learn new photography, editing and painting skills and work with people who have different creative insights. Day to day, I constantly get to learn something new working as a Social Media Director at local start up app, Photage, where I also get to shoot content from time to time. I’ll throw in a fun fact I suppose - I ALWAYS use gold somewhere in each one of my paintings, (even in my signature) :-) ...more