HISTRIONICA Collective- Art of Eli Klein

Visual Art – Philadelphia, PA

HISTRIONICA Eli Klein: Art, Oils, Design Jake Klein: Electronic Music Production, Keys, Lyricist, Songwriter. Gina Rose: Lyricist, Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Keys, Songwriter, Fashion. "0" Joe Iampieri: Lead Guitar, Songwriter. Elliot Levine: Horns and Flute Dave "Dassa" Campbel: Percussion facebook.com/histrionicamusic facebook.com/elikleinart Histrionica is a collective mash up of genre-bending music, arts, culture, and fashion with no limits to their creativity. Eli Klein is the Art side of the Histrionica Collective. About the Artist: My name is Eli and I'm an Artist, always have been. I like to paint the secret dimension. When I create, I place color and line where I feel it needs to be. I think this process, to me autonomic, causes dramatic yet imperceptible changes in the viewer. This hidden geometry of color and movement produces a distinct vibration much in the same way as music. I try and record energy to canvas. I am not prone to abstraction but to perception. I want people to feel when they view my work they are looking into another dimension, removed yet familiar. My work is not meant to be understood, but to be witnessed. ...more