Gardenia Art

Visual Art – Portland, OR

Gardenia is a painter best known for her random mysterious vibrant surreal themes. She is an artist, whose work has been created in various mediums, including: acrylic paint, tempera paint, watercolor, ink, markers, and color pencils. Her colorful yet strange subjects are able to find a sense of belonging in a stimulating universe without rules. Where ideas dance and come together by the sole expression of the mind, creating the visual manifestation that comes within. Gardenia's art is meant to spark curiosity and stimulate the viewer's imagination. It invites viewers to add their own story that will continue the feelings of wonder, potential and mystery. Gardenia's work has been sold in local art events in Oregon, live painting events, and in local stores such as Gracy Lu's and Same As It Never Was Vintage store. She currently paints from Independence, OR in her room with her famous vibrant energetic green walls, accompanied by her never-ending cup of tea that whispers for new adventure. ...more