Gessica Collective

Fashion – Melbourne, VIC

My design inspiration comes from the events of the world around us. The tragic scenes we wake up to every morning. In particular, the Paris terror attacks. The main theme that ran through the entire horrific event was the mass of ordinary people who stood up & did extraordinary things in the light of a serious tragedy. Though the days of conscription are dead & gone, being alive today in the wake of these tragedies, demand everyday people to be prepared for war, wherever & whomever they are. The world is getting darker & darker & the only real hope for everyone, is each other. We are all part of an army fighting against the odds and for each other. My menswear collection is mainly utilitarian based but it propels the idea of off duty military. It follows the exploration of military uniforms & their details with the implementation of modern streetwear. ...more

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Showcasing in Melbourne, VIC
IMPACT at Melbourne Pavilion – 04 Apr 2019 @ 7:00PM