Glam threads boutique

Accessories – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

Hello my name is Lorena Alvarez and I'm a hard working glamorous mother of 3. Creativity is my specialty, and I love to be different and to not look or act like anyone else but myself, and that's where I came into making my own jewelry. To be able to be different and wear pieces that nobody has that can create a very impactful look. I first started reselling jewelry that was not my own until I made a few pieces myself that I couldn't find out there to resell, and it actually caught the customers eyes and they wanted more original pieces. With the help of one of my close friends having jewelry of her own I decided to make jewelry of MY own and design my own pieces. I want to be able to help women out with their style, at affordable prices with it still be good quality pieces. The best part of my jewelry is in every piece I make is with energy infused crystals or gemstones to give it life and sparkle. I'm also a full time assistant manager at banana republic factory store in commerce, and also working full time trying to grow my side businesses in make up and my in jewelry boutique. My passion has always been fashion, style and beauty, I now get to show my passion to others that enjoy my work that makes me proud of my successes. ...more