Grandi\'s Atelier

Fashion – Vancouver, BC

A celebrated humanist once put the ratio of passion-to-reason bestowed in man at 24-to-1. After graduating from business school, Grandy found this to be approximately the ratio of time she spent designing and making dresses, versus that spent searching for what her mother referred to as gainful employment. After 4 years in the financial and consulting sectors, she realized that the most gainful part of her employment was saying farewell to the regimented 8-hour work day. For the next 2 years, she devoted her time to building on her passion of dressmaking and the art of traditional tailoring. Grandy discovered that few other professions so beautifully combine her artistic and the analytical expertise. A keen history enthusiast, she often draws design inspirations from sentiments of bygone eras. In 2013, Grandy started making one dress a week, from scratch, and blogged about it at From there, her style and philosophy as a designer emerged, with special emphasis the beauty of timeless elegance, the bespoke tradition, and quality craftsmanship. All garments are locally hand-made, and tailored to the specific measurements and body type of each client. She made her debut with Vancouver Fashion Week, with her autumn-winter collection of 2014. ...more