Greene Eye Photography

Photography – Washington, DC

Hello there, I am Mia Greene, a young professional out of the DMV area. I grew up going back and forth between both parents homes in Maryland and Washington, D.C. I wouldn’t say I’ve had a “rough” childhood because a lot of people experience worse, but it was definitely trying and confusing for a child. Up until age 10, I was living with my mother in Annapolis, MD and going to visit my dad on the weekends in DC. Due to my mother’s choices and/or path in life, I went to go live with my aunt for two years who for the first year lived in Anne Arundel County and the second year moved to Prince George’s County, all while continuing the weekend visits with my father who now also lived in P. G. County. Living with my aunt was definitely a culture shock for me. I went from living in public housing to a single family home. While living with my aunt, I learned responsibility, structure, religion, how a young lady should carry themselves, etc. I thank her for taking me and showing me something outside of Bloomsbury Square. After living with my aunt for two years, I was able to go live with my father, stepmom, and little brother in Laurel. My father sheltered me a lot throughout middle and high school which NOW, I appreciate. While living in Annapolis I thought on a small scale. I didn’t think about college or future plans. If I was never taken out of that environment a lot would be different. I always say I would have probably been a completely different person. Don’t get me wrong, some people are able to live in project based housing all of their lives, get out and make something of themselves! Before high school was over, I decided I would apply to a few different colleges, but got accepted and instantly loved Virginia State University. I’ve always had a love for the arts. During my sophomore year at VSU, I decided to take a photography course taught by Professor Carrington! He was one of the most amazing instructors I have ever had. We learned how to use Fujifilm cameras. From that point on, I knew photography was something that I loved and enjoyed. I asked for a camera that Christmas, and received my first camera a D3100 Red Nikon! That is and will always be the best gift I have ever received from my dad, stepmom, and brother. My friends were extremely supportive of my passion. They even let me photograph their senior photos for $40 lol, which I look back now like “I could have done so much better”, however they were so happy with their photos! Or they were pretending and either way I love them for it! Now, six years later, photography has continued to be a passion of mine. I’ve photographed engagements, bridal showers, birthday party’s, maternity, anniversaries, fashion, newborns, and even weddings! I plan to continue to create, continue to bring my loyal supporters ideas as well as my own to life, and continue to grow as a photographer. I appreciate all of the support I have received thus far, whether it’s from family, friends, and strangers! I hope my work inspires at least one person, makes one person smile, makes someone’s day, because if it does, my purpose is served. Thank you, Mia Greene :) ...more