Beauty – Detroit, MI

Hair is my favorite form of art. I love making people feel beautiful and giving them a smile so intense, it hurts their cheeks. I began studying the art of cosmetology in 2009. I have been working in the industry now for almost 7 years. I also taught at a cosmetology school for 2 years, that was an amazing experience. Currently I work behind the chair at Contempo Salon & Spa in Ann Arbor, MI. I feel like I have been destined to be a hair stylist since I was 4 years old. I love painting and all forms of art, but there is something so moving and exciting to be able to translate art to hair. Updos and styling are some of my favorite things but I specialize in hair color services such as; creative color, fantasy color, balayage, and corrective color. I love to work on projects where the result is a major transformation- it not only bring out the beauty within, but the confidence everyone has deep down. There is no limit with the artistry of hair, and I could never see myself doing else. Hair is my passion. ...more