Dave Britton

Visual Art – Boise, ID

I am self taught artist that grew up in Ontario Oregon and began making latex masks and prosthetics at the age of 15. I moved to Hollywood at the age of 18 and and began working professionally as a makeup artist and sculptor. I then moved to Portland where I sold my creations at the Saturday Market downtown every weekend. I eventually moved back to Ontario where I live now and started a collectible alien trophy head company called Headhunters Studio. My work has been featured in several magazines and websites. I specialize in all types of sci-fi related 3 dimensional art. I like to incorporate pieces and parts of real animals into my work such as teeth and bones. I also make bone sculptures and have been collecting unusual taxidermy for over 20 years. Many of my creations I would describe as sort of Steampunk mad max style. I make latex masks, resin trophy heads of creatures. rayguns, robots, and jewlery as well. I sell my art at my store in Nampa Idaho called Rusty Retro antiques and oddities. We specialize in the odd and unusual and are located at 604 Caldwell Blvd. I am also a hip hop artist in the group Destiny Lab. www.destinylab.com. The music I make asks the listener life examining questions that demand answers. I rap about everything from aliens, 2012, spirituality, creation vs evolution, conspiracy theories and the new world order and much more...all from a spiritual perspective. ...more