Jewels Of Genesis

Accessories – New York - NYC, NY

“We are our own canvas and the things we wear create even more complexity to the masterpiece that we are”. That is the mission behind the creations of Cassandra Chrispin also known as Cassie Chris, the founder of Jewels of Genesis. As a young, single mother from the epicenter of fashion, Brooklyn, New York, Cassie has delved fearlessly in the world of jewelry, getting her hands messy with an array of material, from clay to resin to leather, to create timeless and bold jewelry for every woman and man. The company Jewels of Genesis developed from her own life, and the life she now shares with her daughter, Genesis. Cassie couldn\'t adapt and grow to become the beautiful and strong woman she is today if she did not come across the nuggets of knowledge, also known as jewels, that she has tread across throughout her journey in life and in motherhood. As Cassie morphs into a better woman every day, she is learning the importance of being patient and forgiving, but even more importantly, fearless, daring and ready for anything and everything that life has in store for her. Every piece of jewelry in Jewels of Genesis is a bold fashion statement. Cassie has bold visions for her jewelry, and made them a reality. Now it\'s your turn to be fearless and purchase a piece to decorate your body, to become a more bold, complex, interesting and beautiful. Be bold. Be beautiful. Stand out. ...more