Dan Dougherty (Indy Custom Creations)

Visual Art – Indianapolis, IN

I am an Indianapolis, IN based artist. I work a full-time job and do art in a lot of my spare time. Despite being relatively new to the social media art game, I've been making art all my life. Outside of all the art classes that I took way back in grade school, most of my ability has been developed through tons of practice and quite a bit of trial and error. I am always trying to better my ability and learn new techniques. My main focus is custom made and/or painted gifts for others, either as commission work or just for fun or for close friends and family. I only started doing my portrait/wordplay and pun art a few years ago, but I really enjoy the direction it has been taking and I can really see the improvement on my own ability in just that short amount of time. The thing I love more than anything about making my style of art is the smiles and laughter that it brings out in people, as well as that genuine look of confusion when they first see it. ...more