Invisible Photo by Justin White

Photography – Ventura, CA

Hello, I\'m Justin White. I\'ve lived in many places throughout the U.S. and even Central America. Mostly, I grew up in South Dakota, spent several years in Michigan, and then have lived in CA for the past 5 years. I\'ve recently moved to Ventura as a student. I feel I\'m just now finding who I am as a photographer and what my style and preference is. I love night photography mixed with conceptual artistry and compositing. The images I create tend to be dark and have a lot of hidden mystery contained in them. Most people do not see the story right up front. The photos have to be studied to see everything built into them. There is contrast, irony, darkness, and a statement being made. I love having that voice in my work. I love watching people unfold the content and think about the story. I love that mystery! ...more