Jazz Milburn

Film – Gold Coast, QLD

As a kid I didn\'t have many toys, mum was a struggling single mum with four girls raised on her own. I was that shy little kid \"the baby\" in the family that use to be excited when Nan use to bring me a roll of butcher paper to draw on once a week. I was a day dreamer (still am) Id create worlds on paper for example- theme parks that would be out of this world and I\'d love to write stories, where I could go on my own free spirited adventures. I would sing only around my family and I had a decent range. I never had a lesson back then music\'s something thats always been in me. Music is my heart like a metronome.It is the love of my life. I eventually grew out of my shyness in primary school when trying out for a school musical audition. I turned around and the whole school was watching me sing inside the school hall, it just felt natural and right. I have never shut up or been the same since haha. I\'ve dabbled in many of the Arts. Starting from Fine Arts to Acting, Directing, Script Writing,Music Production,Singer Songwriter, Multimedia Artist, Film Maker, Art Gallery Curator, Art Director and Music Video Producer. I love my creative life and its the only way I\'ll live. I couldn\'t imagine who Id be without it. Across my journey I have met amazing people whilst exploring. Creativity is magic to me ...more