Accessories – San Jose, CA

Like so many other medical professionals working in the healthcare field, I needed an outlet to alleviate the stress that comes with my career of choice. Little did I knew that I will get hooked so deeply, so fast. From a hobbyist having one little 'ol box of beads and a few basic tools, which I borrowed from my husband's garage, my collection grew to a room almost full of jewelry making goods and tools. So when I took a correspondent jewelry design course at the New York Institute of Art and Design, My family was not surprised at all. Born and raised in Southeast Asia, I am deeply fascinated by the different cultures and their unique arts from my trips in the neighboring countries. I developed a penchant for metals and beautiful gemstones that are abundant in that part of the world. I love to connect with people, I dream that one day, I can visit more places, learn more about their different cultures and unique craftsmanships. My designs are raw, eclectic but has a sophisticated impression in every piece I design and create. Every metal creations, components (unless mentioned otherwise) and finished jewelry are all carefully and patiently made at my home studio. Acquiring just the best materials that I can find here in the USA and other exceptional suppliers worldwide, I hope that you love and appreciate your purchase as much as I enjoy creating them. My name is Joy Bartlett, and I am an independent designer. ...more