Josh Dunn

Photography – San Antonio, TX

Being in love with photography most of my life, I started taking it more seriously in college. I went to Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA where I studied Digital Media. I learned a lot about art, color, creativity, composition, lighting and much more. Even though my focus in college was 3D Animation, everything I learned has helped me with my photography. Night photography has become a large passion of mine and I have really enjoyed all that it entails. I started doing night photography because of two reasons. First of which is that it fit into my schedule. I work during the day and most of my free time is at night, so it was a great opportunity for me to do night photography. Secondly, I enjoy the creative aspects that night photography provides. I feel like I have much more creative control at night to make some very interesting shots which can't be done during the day. Night photography has helped me become more creative and has helped me expand my knowledge of photography. I have also recently got into real estate photography. I wanted to create a business for myself to make some extra money on the side and I felt that real estate photography was the best way to do it. I am an introvert, so it is hard for me to talk to people sometimes. Because of this, I have struggled in the past with portrait and wedding photography because I am not very outgoing. Real estate is much easier for me because I don't have to interact with people in the same way. I can handle working with a Realtor and then taking photos of a house as needed. I enjoy the post processing a lot for real estate because it gives me the opportunity to blend multiple photos together to get a great result. Photography has always been a part of my life and even more so now. I look forward to where my photography adventures take me and hopefully one day, I will be a well known photographer. ...more