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Kate Gedz is an uprooted revolutionary artist from Kiev, Ukraine. Coming from a family of twelve, she learned how to distinguish herself through the passionate strokes of her brush. Kate has always been intrigued by art. All her life, she wanted to paint, and at age sixteen, she decided to pursue a career as an artist. In 2015, Kate went to the United States to take the Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute in Arizona. She knew this program would take her to the next level as an artist and help her discover her voice as a unique individual. Kate was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. She is from a family of twelve children, with ten adopted siblings. She is the second oldest child, so she was constantly helping her parents raise her siblings. Kate was deeply moved by the vast amount of psychological trauma that her siblings had endured prior to moving in with her family. She felt every tear that was shed, every parcel of pain that her siblings experienced. It has given her a truly singular perspective. People are the main subject of Kate’s art, and specifically, their feelings and emotions. Kate’s art demonstrates the depth of each individual’s inner world of thought. A crucial part of Kate’s process is total immersion: she dares not spare a drop of paint, understanding that each stroke can completely change the feeling of the painting. In order to capture the depth of the mind on the canvas, she has an assorted arsenal of tools at her disposal, using brushes, graphite, inks, markers, charcoal, acrylics, even her hands, and always finishing it all with oils.   Kate currently resides in the United States, painting every day, pursuing her dream. ...more

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Showcasing in Phoenix, AZ

ARISE at The Pressroom (21+) – Aug 08, 2019 @7:00PM