Kelly Rakovich

Visual Art – Phoenix, AZ

I am a self taught artist living in Phoenix Arizona, pouring my heart and soul into everything I create. At a very early age I was able to see things and recreate them onto paper with ease. Focused mostly on the female face and deeply connected to the eyes. My work has evolved throughout the years as I continue to evolve as a human being. Starting out working solely with graphite and paper, I began to play with color and other mediums, trying oil paints, watercolor and acrylic, but it never felt authentic. In an effort to find alternatives to costly canvas I stumbled upon wood panels. As I sat with the first piece, it became clear that I had found my ultimate backdrop and co-creator. I noticed the grain and felt compelled to work along with it, using pastels and pencils to make it come to life. What resulted, was me finally finding my creative voice. Art truly does heal. ...more