Karlene Lindsay Designs

Fashion – Connecticut, CT

Karlene started sewing at the age of 9... putting together a pleated skirt by hand (she is much older now, but let\'s not get into that). Between that time and now she’s designed and created clothing and accessories for all tastes. From reggae dancehall style to prom and bridesmaids dresses. After doing this for a number of years she decided to further her education. After studying at Gibbs College for three years, she landed a position at an occasion store, Blue Tulip, which sold gifts for every occasion. Bags were one of the highlights of the store\'s stock and it was from here that she got the idea to start making bags. You see, she realized that some of what was on sale could have been made by her so she made a few. Showing her mother the bags she made, her mother suggested she start her own business. Karlene started out by selling bags to friends and family at bag parties hosted by friends and at craft fairs. Now she has branched out into building her own website to display her beautiful work – dresses, home accessories and, of course, her bags. ...more